Deposits/Downpayments – Please Read

Old Town Automobile will be happy to take a deposit by credit card while you make arrangements to pay for a vehicle in full.   This “deposit” is a down payment on the car and represents a commitment that you are buying the car. We will not HOLD a car without a NON-REFUNDABLE deposit/downpayment.   Even then, we do not “hold” cars for more than a week, unless prior arrangements have been made with the dealership owner.

All deposits/down payments are NON-REFUNDABLE.

If you put money down on a car and tell us you want to purchase the vehicle, our staff spends time on paperwork, taking down advertising, removing the car from our website, and as turning away other potential buyers. If you change your mind because you didn’t clear it with your spouse first or another reason that has occurred to you after the deposit, we sympathize but cannot refund your money. We would be happy, however, to count the amount toward the purchase of another car from Old Town if you make the purchase within 6 months.

If you put a deposit/down payment on a car, it is with the understanding that you will pay the remaining balance as soon as possible and within one week of the deposit/ down payment being made.

In the event that you do not pay the remaining balance within a week and you do not contact us to work out an arrangement, Old Town Auto has the right to sell the car to another buyer without refund.   Old Town Auto will also make an effort to contact you before selling the car.